Friday, 23 April 2010

It is a resent theme to reproduce artwork, its has come with the postmodern period. The recreations of Warhols work (above) by Banksy (below) show evidence for this. Pastiche is very popular.

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  1. I looked into Ged Quinn last year and got really into his work, the postmodern trait of 'copying' runs throughout his paintings, taking inspiration from classic painters such as; Casper David Friedrich and Claude, and creating extremely beautiful landscapes, then placing an unexpected scene/historical event into the foreground of the painting, these are often quite dark/sinister, which creates complete utopia/dystopia (which is the name for his collection of works, completed during his residency at Tate, St. Ives. which can be found at;

    Personally i enjoy a 'mockery' it's putting something new across, i understand that some people could find the reproduction of classic works disrespectful and 'cheeky' i guess? but i think it says something about the original works of art, by the classic painters when their work can be reproduced hundreds of years later, into an entirely different society, with entirely new politics, ethics and morals and still be enjoyed and appreciated, through someone else's perspective? hope this makes sense?

    Lauren. :)